Geographical Location

Magsaysay is the gateway from Caraga to Region 10, that of Province of Misamis Oriental. It is geographically positioned in the northeastern portion of the Province of Misamis Oriental in Region 10 with coordinates from 9001’16” to 9.0210 North Latitude and from 125010’59” E to 125.1830 East Longitude. It is bounded by Agusan del Norte in the East, Gingoog Bay in the West and North and Gingoog City in the South. Magsaysay, formerly a Barrio of Ginoog City known as Linugos, officially became a Municipality in 1948. It has progressed from a 5th class to a 4th class Municipality of Misamis Oriental in Northern Mindanao.  

Magsaysay Map



North: Gingoog Bay
South: Gingoog City
East: Agusan del Norte
West: Gingoog Bay

Land Area and Classifications:

The total land area of the municipality is 14,770 hectares, which is classified  into alienable, and Disposable Land (A & D) covering 9,418.602 hectares or 63.76  percent while Timberland/Forestland covered 5,351.39882 hectares or 36.24 percent.

Alienable & Disposable Land reclassified into Agricultural Land comprises the biggest area with 8,046.25 hectares or 54.48 percent of the total land area.  Following the Public Land and Built-up Areas with 1,249.58592 hectares or 8.46 percent and 134.95006 hectares or 1.68 percent respectively.

The built-up area comprises the institutional of 59.891 hectares. Following are residential area with 57.3667 hectares; open space with 2.51223 and industrial area with 1.66523. The least area is commercial with only 1.3265 hectares.

 Magsaysay is composed of 25 Barangays.


The topography and slope of the municipality has four categories: level to very gently sloping comprises from 0 to 3% slope; gently sloping to undulating comprises from 3% to 8% slope; undulating to rolling from 8% to 18% slope and rolling to hilly from 18% to 30% slope. Undulating to rolling comprise the biggest area with 5,329.00 hectares or 36.1 percent. These covers portion of twenty-four barangays except Tama. Following are rolling to hilly which is equal to 4,687.00  hectares or 31.7 percent covering the portion of Consuelo, Bonifacio Aquiño, Kandiis, Tibon-Tibon, Cabalawan, Mindulao, Abunda, Tinaan, Pag-asa, Mahayahay, Katipunan, Gumabon, Tama, Cabubuhan, Kauswagan, Damayuhan and San Isidro. The third are level to very gently  sloping with 2,864.00 hectares or 19.4 percent covering the portion of all nine coastal barangays extending to Cabubuhan, Kibungsod, San Vicente, Tibon-Tibon, Cabalawan and Mindulao. The least area covered are the gently sloping to undulating located in the portion of Kandiis,     Artadi, Kibungsod, Katipunan, Gumabon, Tinaan, Abunda, Mindulao, San Vicente, Villa Felipa, Damayuhan and San   Isidro. 




Land Area (Has.)

Percentage to Total

Level to very gently sloping (0-3%)

Gently sloping to undulating (3-8%)

Undulating to rolling (8-18%)

Rolling to hilly (18-30%)














Rivers Traverse and drain to Gingoog Bay. There are seven rivers namely: Abunda, Cabalawan, Gumabon, Mindulao, Tama, Tinaan, and Tibon-Tibon.


Soils with Agricultural Value and Location

First Class Soils:  


Second Class Soils:  

Land Use (in percent)  

Residential - 57.3667 hectares  
Commercial –  1.3265 hectares 
Industrial – 1.66523 hectares  
Agricultural – 8,046.25 hectares
Special Class –  134.95006 hectares
Open Spaces – 2.51223 hectares 
Exempt Properties –  
Other Properties –  1,249.58592 hectares


Magsaysay falls under Type 11 climate condition, characterized as indistinct dry and wet season.  From March to October is considered as dry season. November to February as wet season. The municipality also experiences the windy month from May to September caused by Southwest Monsoon.

Average Monthly Rainfall – 134.20 (mm)

Average Number of Rainy Days per month – 12.00
Average Extreme Temperature (Mean) – 32
Average Relative Humidity – 80.30




Population Size and Growth

Data to be provided by the Municipal Planning and Development Office

Total Population (NSO Census 2016): 


Annual Growth Rate: 0.73

Population Density:

230/km2 (600/sq. mile) 


Total Household Number (Estimates 2016): 


Average Household Size: 3.3

Source : Municipal Planning and Development Office