Cultural Development


The municipality of Magsaysay was formerly known as “Linugos”, the vernacular term of “Force”, because history prevails that women during the early days were being force by early settlers to become their wives and the consequence brought to the baptismal of the place.


The early inhabitants of this place were the Manobos, which was later followed by the springling migration of the Boholanos and the Leyteños, and now being assessed as the dominant populace.


The Municipality of Magsaysay as herein organized, having the following boundaries: From the center of the mouth of Binuangan creek, as shown in the Map of Gingoog, as prepared and submitted by the District Engineer's Office, dated July 26, 1947, following the course of the creek upstream to where it intersects the present Gingoog-Claveria boundary lines, the northeastern following the said Gingoog-Claveria line to its intersection with provincial boundary to Punta Diwata on the coast of Mindanao sea.


This Municipality of Magsaysay comprises of eight (8) barangays upon the creation namely: Artadi, Cabalawan, Kandiis, Consuelo, Damayuhan, Kibungsod, Poblacion and San Isidro. In addition were sixteen barangays; Abunda, Bonifacio Aquiño, Sta. Cruz, Cabantian, San Vicente, Tama, Tibon-Tibon, and Villa Felipa. The latest barangay created was Tinaan, created on July 16, 1989.


 Political Development Archive


Linugos, former name of Magsaysay was once a barrio of the municipality of Gingoog, which was separated upon creation into a municipality on July 1, 1948, by virtue of Executive order No. 128, promulgated by President Quirino. The first appointed Municipal mayor and Vice Mayor were Mr. Victoriano D. Ratilla respectively. On the year 1951, the first elected Municipal Mayor was Sulpicio Bongalon who served for four years. Then replaced by Mayor Bonifacio D. Aquiño Sr. on the year 1956 – 1959, within the term of Mayor Bonifacio D. Aquiño, Sr.  On June 20. 1957, the name of the Municipality was changed to Magsaysay, when Carlos P. Garcia signed into law the Republic Act No. 1653, in honor of the late President Ramon Magsaysay. Mayor Bonifacio D. Aquiño, Sr. was reelected and served until 1963 followed by Atty. Francisco Fabe, for the year 1964-1967. Mayor Praxedes C. Vda. De Aquiño on 1968 to 1970 who died without finishing her term then Mr. Felix D. Prin, who was the first councilor become a Municipal Mayor through succession for one year term then elected as Municipal Mayor on the year 1972-1975 and reelected until 1986.


Re-elected, Mayor Bonifacio D. Aquiño, Sr. served until 1963, and then Atty. Francisco Fabe, from 1964 until 1967. Praxedes C. Vda De Aquiño served as municipal mayor from 1968 to 1970 but passed away before completing her tenure. Mr. Felix D. Prin, the first councilor to succeed her, was elected as municipal mayor from 1972 to 1975 and was reelected every four years from 1975 to 1986.


On May 1986 a revolutionary government installed Corazon C. Aquino as President of the Republic. This was the time when incumbent Mayor Felix D. Prin was replaced by Roberto C. Oga whose appointed term last until November 1987. He resigned from office and run in the local election as Municipal Mayor Engr. Danilo G. Jamolin took office as appointed acting Mayor until January 1988. On 1988 local election Felix D. Prin won the electoral race and served for three consecutive terms (1988-1992, 1992-1995, and 1995-1998). As stipulated in the LGC of 1991 the third term will be the last for the same position.


Santiago S. Ocot, Jr. was elected mayor in the 1998 election and held that position till June 2001. Jose Elcid D. Ladica, Sr. was elected mayor in the same year and served in that capacity until June 2004. But in the July 2004 election, Mayor Santiago S. Ocot, Jr. once more won the contest for mayor, and served a third term as municipal mayor through 2013. Rey B. Buhisan was chosen as mayor in the 2013 election and re-elected in the 2016 and 2019 elections. He held the position as mayor until June 2022. In the national and local elections of 2022, Charlie B. Buhisan won the mayoral race and served as Municipal Mayor at present.