Transportation and Road Network

Road network, connecting barangays to the national highways is still major concerns. There was a Road Network Development Plan (RNDP), its corresponding Investment Plan was submitted to RDC/NEDA and was appproved. Some of those road network are implemented in 2016, and the rest in 2017, 2018 and 2019.


Wider accessibility of the cellular phones, such as globe and smart, a key factor which provide connectivity to both Caraga Region and Region 10 and the rest of the country.

Water Resources

There is an on-going construction of potable water supply line from Kalingahan Falls to supply water to Barangays Cabubuhan and the Poblacion

Plans are also for the water supply line from Mindulao - Cabalawan - Tibon-Tibon - San Vicente - Kibungsod and perhaps to Food and Bus Terminal.

Power and Electrification

The Municipality is served by MORESCO II




Agricultural Production

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Livestock and Poultry


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Natural Resources 


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Trade and Industry 

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Domestic (Data to be added)

Gross Regional Domestic
Product (at Constant Price) 
Business Establishments 



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Source : Municipal Planning and Development Office